Company name: COLOR FOREST CO., LTD

COLOR FOREST CO., LTD has been founded since 2002. We specialize in designing, producing and marketing pet products. We also have many years of export experience and this enables us to meet the many needs and wants of our customers.

“Color Forest” means the most natural, green amusement park for our pets. It represents freedom, love, and the space to move, attributes that enable our pet to grow and feel valued.

Product: We have more than 4000 kinds of products for pets: specializing in rubber toys; TPR toys; plush toys; collars and leashes; etc.. Our products, with excellent reputation as timely delivery, high quality of product and service, and reasonable price, are well received by our overseas customers.

Culture:High product quality and customers’ satisfaction have always been our goal. Our core goal centres on creativity, sharing, cooperation and love of animals. And we strive to pursue new products that provide the simplest happiness and love for our pets.

Vision: We are constantly striving to improve our products and find the best "playmate" for our pet friends; our enterprise means we work with better quality products and more efficient service whereby we value and cherish the support of each customer!

We are looking forward to cooperating with you, building a bright future together in order to find fun and satisfaction for our pets!